“Imagine if every sporting event was predetermined and a favorable result was certain. It would hold no passion and would cease to be.”
— Unknown

What our hunts are

These hunts are hard and exciting and real. They are shaped by the elements, skill, determination and luck. They provide an excellent opportunity to complete a goal and achieve success to a high trophy standard. We provide top grade gear, rich local knowledge and a life long hunting history to help you accomplish your goals. We have access to the best historical hunting grounds and hold concessions for vast areas of wilderness within which to conduct our adventures. 

Trophy Hunts

Our trophy hunts run from May 1 to June 30 and are over a twelve-day period  (two species hunt). 

We specialize in New Zealand's two alpine game animals.  The Alpine Chamois (rupicapra rupicapra) and the Himalayan Tahr (hemitragus jemlahicus). 

adventure hunts

Our adventure hunts run all year round and provide a full immersion into the New Zealand hunting culture.  They are essentially a wilderness mountain journey with pack and rifle.  These trips can also be combined in our explore option.  

These hunts include a chance at encountering Red Deer (cervus elaphus), Alpine Chamois (rupicapra rupicapra), Wild Goat (capra hircus) and Wild Pig (sus scrofa).